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Junior Tuition

The ‘East Ren Junior Tour School’ provides a fun, safe and enjoyable environment for young players to develop their love for golf. This structured programme builds solid foundations across all areas of the game. It runs throughout the year and is open to juniors of all ages and abilities ranging from 5 to 17.

Junior golf camps are organised during the Easter, Summer and October holidays with an emphasis on skill development through coaching, games and fun competitions.

Junior individual lessons are also available.

Individual Lessons

For detailed assessment of your game and developing tailored programmes the 30 minute or 1 hour one-on-one coaching lesson is ideal for focussed work on your individual goals.

Adult Tuition

Gavin Hay has experience of coaching all levels of golfers from complete beginners to low handicap amateurs. At all levels, his philosophy is to coach to the individual.

He believes the best golf swing is one that is most comfortable and works best for you and your goals. This is achieved in a way that you can relate to over a step-by-step process concentrating on building confidence through swing changes.


Group Tuition

Gavin offers many group coaching classes over the year aimed at various levels of golfers. Signing-up for a weekly small group lesson run over a 6-week period can dramatically help your game as well as your social life.

You will be guided through your own development process, tailored to your goals, and have the opportunity to practice and lock-in improvements under Gavin's watchful eye. All of this takes place in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere and will operate social distancing to protect all clientele.

Playing Lessons

A 9-hole or 18-hole playing lesson can help to directly improve your scores. Always encouraging, Gavin offers invaluable advice on course management, club-selection, shot-making, dealing with bad lies, short game, reading putts and tips for dealing with pressure.

Benefit from East Renfrewshire’s tuition programmes and maximise your potential. For more information or to book a lesson, please call Gavin Hay on 07825 419600 or email [email protected]